5 Easy Steps towards a profitable Virtual Event


The biggest Lead Generation and Client-getting Strategy for 2021 is Virtual Events! If you run your events the right way – you can have clients chasing you down to work with you…  

This is an universal framework which works for any kind of virtual event
Virtual Summit, Challenge, Bootcamp, Virtual Retreat, Mastermind or Workshop. 

Don’t spend months creating your own process for hosting a successful virtual event. Get my proven framework of how to Plan, Fill & Launch a 5-Figure Virtual Events!

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Step 1: Sales Strategy

Create the right virtual event with a killer sales strategy for maximum profits.
(Includes training video and worksheet).

Step 2: Your Content

Before going any further with the planning process, let’s decide who specifically your event is for and create an effective event schedule. This is crucial in promoting the event as well.
(Includes training video and worksheet).

Step 3: Virtual Event Roadmap

Want to know exactly how to map out the timeline for your next virtual event? In this section we are going to dive into planning and scheduling your perfect virtual event.
(Includes training video and worksheet).

Step 4: Virtual Event Production

In this module we’ll discuss the production elements that make for a seamless high-quality virtual event that will leave your attendees wanting to come back for more.
(Includes training video and worksheet).

Step 5: Marketing Plan

This part is going to be all about filling your virtual event. We will look at an effective promotion strategy without stress or overwhelm.
(Includes training video and worksheet).

Plus a special BONUS

High Engagement Tactics

Attendee experience during your event is crucial. The higher the engagement rate of your audience during the event, the higher the conversion rates. Grab my free list of Event Icebreakers to increase engagement rates during your event.



Hi, I'm Alexandra.

I’m a virtual event coach for business owners who want to learn how to strategise, plan and launch successful virtual events.

Personally, I believe that you shouldn’t need to waste away your life working for someone else making their day dream a reality when you should be working on your own.

In today’s world virtual events have become an integral part of our personal and business lives. It is therefore crucial that we master the art of hosting virtual events.

Besides, virtual events boost your business like no other strategy out there, and if done right, virtual events have a lifelong positive effect on your business.

That’s why I’m dedicated to helping you plan and launch profitable virtual events. Over time, I’ve come up with processes and systems that take away the headache of planning.

These tools that you’ll find inside of the Virtual Events Academy are created to help you achieve whatever it is that you want to achieve – quit that job, pay off that debt, spend more time with your kids! It IS possible to make a living selling online. You just need the right tools to help you get there faster.

Virtual Events are a Money-Making Opportunity

Let me help you crack the code on running profitable virtual events…which can be replicated in ANY niche and location

The profitable event roadmap has a total value of over $1000... but for a limited time only, you can access the planning tool for FREE!

Alexandra is incredibly knowledgeable when it comes to her niche. She is a wealth of information and I feel so grateful that we have connected and worked together. Every time we discuss a new project I am reminded how lucky I am to have her in my camp. I cannot wait to work with her again soon!

Jayne Havens

Founder and Managing Director at Center for Pediatric Sleep Management


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