Host a Virtual Event with Ease

Let me help you strategize, plan and launch your amazing event.

Making the planning & launching of your online event smooth and seamless for you

Business is anything but usual these days. However, it seems that there is a silver lining to this difficult period; we are lucky that it happened in a time when remote collaboration is made easy through amazing software solutions and broadband internet.

No two events are the same! Our requirements, goals and capacities are different. I will help you make a viable plan for an OUTSTANDING  event that meets your goals. 

Any event (whether virtual or in-person) has many moving components that need to be considered. This usually brings up many questions: What should be the structure of the event? What is the best technical solution? How can I showcase sponsors during my event? How to recreate a networking experience for my attendees? How should the event be marketed? Should it be a free or paid event? What needs to be done after the event finishes?…. and many more concerns

Moreover, the landscape of virtual events is changing! We are moving into an era of virtual experiences, where presentation-style content is not sufficient anymore.

I can help you take your virtual event to new heights making it truly meaningful and enjoyable for your participants. I’ll plan out a virtual event that educates, surprises, delights and engages! I’ll help you take your audience on a real journey and make your event truly memorable! 

There are so many details to consider that it might feel overwhelming. Let me make help you make the right decisions and make the planning of your online event smooth and seamless for you.

How I Can Help You

Your Content + My Experience = Event Success

Your Vanguard Plan

Don’t waste precious time trying to figure it all out on your own. I’ll help you outline your step-by-step process of what needs to happen for your next online event. All you need to do is follow the steps and implement!

What does the package include?

  • 1 hour coaching call to align your event to your business strategy
  • A step-by-step plan of what needs to be done and by when
  • Detailed budget outline for your event (includes technology, software, tools, and any outsourcing that may be needed for your event)
  • 2-hour working session to help you gain clarity around your biggest questions 
  • Email Templates, Speaker Application Form and Affiliate package
  • 3-Weeks of Email Support to attend to any queries you may have
  • Our discussions can be recorded so that you can revert back to them any time

Your Cash-up Plan

What happens after the event is hosted? What is the best post-event strategy for your business? Should you be considering a short-term or a long-term strategy or both? I’ll help you outline an effective post-event growth and monetisation strategy. 

What does the package include?

  • 1-hour planning call to discuss the details of your event
  • A detailed event audit
  • Your Power Plan aligned to your business goals (we prioritise and make sure that your event’s outcomes and used to the full)
  • 2 – hour working session to fine-tune the plan.
  • 1 check up call after 2 months
  • Our discussions can be recorded so that you can revert back to them any time

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