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It’s time to connect and build relationships in a whole new way!

Bringing People Together and Making Things Happen.

The Speaker Directory eliminates time-consuming search for the right experts for your virtual events or other joint ventures by providing a database of experts at your fingertips!

Don't waste precious time trying to find connections browsing through hundreds of Facebook Groups, join a supportive community focused on building meaningful relationships.

Finding the right connection just got a whole lot easier!
Grow your network, build authentic relationships and have fun!

Want to share your message, get greater visibility, build authentic relationships and promote your business? Let our Speaker Directory be the vehicle to get you there.

The most effective way to build your audience, provide even more value, establish yourself as a leader and amplify your reach is through virtual summits!

But finding the right speakers to make an outstanding event can cost A LOT of time and effort.

Imagine putting the time and energy you normally spend on trying to find relevant connections toward actually making the most of your collaborations, developing relationships and moving your business forward.

This is exactly what the Speaker Directory will do for you! Find the right experts, connect with them and start building relationships beforehand. Step up your game and ensure that you form partnerships and invite experts to your events whose message is aligned with yours.

Join us now and contribute a membership price of ONLY $20 per year! The price will continue to rise so use this opportunity now, save money and benefit from the lounge’s growing network.

Accelerate Your Success by joining the Speaker Directory

Check out the features which are designed to save research time and accelerate your journey to finding a perfect match for your events and other business collaborations.

 The Speaker Directory is designed to make it easy for you to search for a perfect match, whether you are planning a virtual event or looking for experts for other business ventures.  Each member fills out the form themselves and is responsible to send us any updates if changes occur. 

The information is thorough and gives a leg up in determining if the expert is a good fit for you. At one glance you will know the areas of expertise, qualifications, and much more. Imagine, you can get all the information in just one place which is not available anywhere else or that could take you forever to find and get found by others! 

Moreover, every member gets A TON of visibility as well as additional networking opportunities through virtual meet-ups that will be organised for the members. These virtual events are a great way to connect on a more personal level and develop meaningful relationships while expanding your network with other group members. Our virtual events include networking mixers and masterminds sessions for sharing best practices as summit hosts and speakers.

 Get early access to our Speaker Directory and enjoy meaningful collaborations, greater visibility and the opportunity to share expert knowledge!

No spam. No commitment. Cancel at any time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Don’t see your question here, please contact my team at hello@virtualevents.academy

The membership is for those who are looking to take their collaborations to the next level. Not only will you be featured in the database being built with other like-minded members, giving you lots of visibility, you’ll be able to reach out to other members easily. 

Because we value real relationships and true, mutually beneficial connections, this platform is meant for those who are ready to be part of a community of like-minded members who want to level-up with intention. Recognizing that results come with time and are dependent on what you put into it are key factors in ensuring success.

The Business Networking Lounge is in the building phase . This means that while you get to take part in all it has to offer, you are also able to be locked in at a low introductory price. By investing now, you are participating in something great that is intended to increase in value for you as the membership grows in opportunity, members, and resources. As feedback is looked for along the way, you will also have a say in shaping of the Business Networking Lounge for years to come!

This membership enables you to create amazing projects and events through the brilliance of connection and collaboration. 

As with any other business process, marketing yourself comes with consistent effort on your part. Once you have made the connections, the results you see will be dependent on the systems you have put in place to make the most of your collaborations.

The sky is the limit but you need to be ready to put in the work, patience and time.

If you would like to cancel your participation, you may do so at any time, and your entry will be deleted from the database. In order to cancel please send an email to hello@virtualevents.academy. If you rejoin in the future, you will need to resubmit your information from scratch. Please see our Terms of Use for further information. 

Because you get instant access to all listings for immediate use, no refund is available. Please note that at the moment you pay an annual fee of $20 per entry. However, you are welcome to cancel your participation at any time and all your details will be removed from the database. If you are not sure if this membership is for you, please read this page thoroughly, and/or email questions to hello@virtualevents.academy before purchase.

The participation in the networking lounge is intended for single use only. If you are planning to use the directory for more than one client, it will be required to purchase additional entries.