become the influencer

Speakers onboarding process 

Selecting & Pitching Speakers
Setting Your Speakers Up For Success
Speaker Agreement 

Pitching sponsors

Event Sponsorship Guide
Preparing to Pitch Sponsors
Creating a Winning Sponsorship Proposal

Swipe Files & Templates

Speakers pitch templates
Speakers tracking sheet
Speakers promotion emails
Speakers Agreements


Summit Planning & Strategy Framework

In this section, you’ll set up a strong foundation for your event. You will identify your target customer and their pain points, identify your core offer, and outline your theme and topics, so that your event flows is closely linked to your offer.

Speakers Dream Team

In this section, we are going to brainstorm the ideal speakers for your event, and develop an effective outreach strategy. You’ll get swipe copies of pitch emails, tracking sheets and tech recommendations to make the on-boarding process stress-free for you and the speakers.

Summit Sponsors

You’ll learn how to secure sponsors for your event, how to pitch them and what to offer. We have swipe files and ready-made pitch templates for you. 

Summit Tech Set-Up

The tech part of hosting a summit can be overwhelming. In this section, we’ll go through different platforms and tools that you can use to set-up your summit depending on your preferences and budget.

Marketing Campaign

You’ll learn how to actually plan out your marketing campaign ahead of time and make sure your ideal audience signs up for the event. This includes a buzz plan, and mapping out and executing the actual promotion (social media posts, emails, etc.).

Live Event

The more engaged your summit is, the better the results everyone involved will see. But it takes a little planning to ensure your event is engaged and highly memorable. This is what this section is all about: creating an engaged community, and what to do during the event itself.